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    Guilty Gear Gold (2005)



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    Guilty Gear Gold (2005)

    Post  Admin on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:25 pm

    Guilty Gear Gold (2005/ENG/JAP/RePack by alex)
    PC Game | Developer: ZOO Digital Publishing | Publisher: ARC SYSTEM WORKS | 855 Mb
    Genre: Fighting

    Fighting a rare genre for the PC, is one of the world?s most popular gaming consoles. Guilty Gear ? a reference series, made with a truly Japanese flavor. The men are perfectly balanced, and each has its own set of breathtaking tricks killer.

    The collection of Guilty Gear Gold came just two games of this legendary series ? Isuka and X2.Reload.

    Guilty Gear Isuka ? the last game of the series, released on the PC ? is interesting for its command matches. Simultaneously on one computer can play up to four players!

    Guilty Gear X2.Reload ? hit game of the series ? boasts a nine game modes, among which are especially worth noting Mission ? single task of varying difficulty.

    Multistage Gauge System for a perfect balance of military
    Astounding combos and fighting techniques that are unique to each fighter
    The graphics in a unique style of anime
    Downhole soundtrack consisting of songs of Japanese rock music
    The possibility of simultaneous game on one computer up to four players
    Lots of game modes: single-player game, the Battle of doubles, team battle against the computer opponent
    20 fantastic men: each with its own arsenal and a set of methods, including instant murder
    9 game modes, including Mission ? about a hundred tasks of varying difficulty
    Bonus and secret game modes with unrealistically powerful opponents and updated techniques

    System requirements:
    Operating system Microsoft ? Windows ? 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
    Pentium ? II processor 500 MHz
    64 MB of RAM
    1.8 GB free hard disk space
    3D-graphics adapter with 32 MB memory
    Sound device compatible with DirectX ?
    DirectX ? 8.1

    Features RePack
    Support for online play in x2 Reload
    Basis ? the original Japanese
    Comfortable for the game may require the support system of hieroglyphics.
    If there are problems ? enable and restart the PC.
    To enable this:
    In Control Panel, select Regional and Language Standards:
    Put a check box option Install files for East Asian languages:
    Then click OK in response to a request for a bootable CD with Windows XP insert the distribution of drive CD-ROM.

    download :

    Code: G.G.H.part1.rar G.G.H.part2.rar G.G.H.part3.rar G.G.H.part4.rar G.G.H.part5.rar aHEhTNc rHCjMmy Q2CtTyW cRqjKRb jnuwawr

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